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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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students in jeopardy. he was trying to escape the officer. tucked in a parking lot, a baltimore county police officer spotted a suspicious car. after he ran the tag and discovered it was stolen, it set into emotion a series of events that would end in gun fear. >> when he approached the vehicle, the driver moved in an attempt to flee, almost striking the officer. the officer used his service weapon and fired upon the vehicle. >> struck by a bullet, the suspected car thief sped away from the scene but he wouldn't get far. >> officers canvassed the area, were able to find it in the parking lot of the high school. this is away from the school, near the football stadium. we believe it has nothing to do with the high school.
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>> reporter: paramedics transported the suspect to shock trauma. meanwhile, an investigation continues into the shooting and the unnamed officer has been placed on administrative duty. the car was reported stolen. there were no citizens endangered in that light. jeff hague are, abc2 news. some tense moments at the forbush school. a 15-year-old boy told staff members he had a gun after they placed him in a timeout room. he quickly said he was joking. after a quick search, officers confirmed he did not have a weapon. that student was taken into custody and charged with
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disorderly conduct. forbush school provides services for teens with behavioral problems. norman gatewood a-is being charged with breaking the law. according to police, his 13-year-old grandson road a bus to school with the handgun, showed it to class. that's when the teacher wrestled it out of his hand. the teacher is not being named tonight but is being praised for putting her life on the line. the student charged at perry hall high school will be in school. he fired shots last month. 17-year-old daniel borowy is at home recovering. if you have a weapon in your home, you should be responsible for it. he said you can secure your
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weapon for has little as a dollar. he says he did a google search to back it up. >> a teachable month for our county, citizens and our schools. lock the weapons up. keep these weapons secured. >> the chief says it only takes seconds to lock or unlock a weapon and you can keep the key right there on your key chain. >> all new at 5:00, a second person in maryland has died from the west nile virus. the number of west nile cases in the state now up to 25. that's up four from last week. all of the infoacted individuals have been adults. for -- foash health officials said make sure containers are free of water.
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another day with temperatures near 70 and 80. man, fantastic, fantastic fall weather. humidity staying, remaining comfortably low. that alts brightest -- that's the brightest spot. new front on the move. in the meantime enjoy a cool evening. we'll talk about when the system arrives. let's go out to d.c. the president ordered the flags lowered for ambassador christopher stevens and three others when the embassy in beaning gallons discis with abeen benghazi was attacked.
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>> reporter: president called it an outrageous and shocking attack. four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens. >> we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> reporter: on tuesday people firing automatic weapons fired and all four americans died from smoke inhalation. no one was shot. libya carried chris' body to the hospital and they helped rescue and lead other americans to safety. >> reporter: foreign service officers around the world are on high alert. president obama ordered increased security due to concerns that the rest could spread. >> every day all across the world, american diplomats and
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civilians work tirelessly to advance the interest and values of our nation. >> reporter: the president showed his appreciation. u.s. officials feared the protest may have been triggered by this antimuslim low budget film. it was produced in the u.s. there is absolutely no justification to this type of sense lings violence -- none. >> reporter: the president said the libya attack was carried out by a rogue group of militants and it will not damage the relationship with the libyan government, which is vowed as cooperation. >> thank you. about 90 minutes ago the associated press said youtube blocked that video. hundreds of police officers from around the region packed a joppa town church to say gob to
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corporal charles licato. corral licato died when his cruiser went off the road. he is being remembered today by friends, family and colleagues as a fearless officer who was relentless in his search for fugitives. corporal licato leaves behind his parents, brother and extended family. we'll have much more on the funeral tonight at 6:00. friends and family of ab ber dean police officer charles are a met toe will pay their respects. he died in a tragic accident over the weekend when he fell on an exit ramp. tonight they will hold a viewing for him until 9:00 and the funeral will be held tomorrow at
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st. stevens church. >> well, do you feel lucky? there are now more than 4700 ways to maybe brighten up your day. at the grand opening of the final phase of the casino, you'll find the third largest casino in the country. >> this is larger than any casino by a factor of two in las vegas, 50% larger than any in atlantic city and we believe this is one of the finest gaming entertainment projects anywhere in the country. >> maryland live includes top notch restaurants. the management said the casino is meeting projections and provides 75% of the gaming revenue for the entire state of maryland. speaking of revenue, all those flashes you see in your
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rear view mirror are adding up big bucks. they brought in $4.2 million more than expected in the 2012 fiscal year. the mayor side wheel they have been profitable, making money is not their purpose. >> we put the speed cameras there not as a revenue generator but for caution. we evaluate where they're needed and we will put them up where we have excess speed. >> state a prohibits the money being spent on anything other than transportation items. speak of money, can you turn
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$7 into more? >> one woman made a -- made a bid on a box. >> this bus driver knew something would be breaking the law at this bus stop and hi had more than his camera ready. >> we're tied for first right now but in our hearts, the orioles have sole possession. the car on the left was filled up with
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abc2 news is headed to the university where there are reports of shots fired. the victim was shot between the theater and student union. we'll bring you the updates on campus at morgan state university. from trash to treasure. that is the dream of inbound who
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digs and -- anybody who dreams and digs. >> reporter: $7 spent at a flee -- flea market or auction. this is no horde nar rip painting. >> a landscape. >> reporter: an 1879 renoir, a master piece found in a west virginia flee market. she spoke by phone on a box of items. >> i noticed frame. i liked the frame. i bid $7 and won the box. >> luckily in a plastic bag and moved it to her kitchen and the back of her car. >> reporter: a year later she was about to take it out of the
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frame when the mother spotted renoir. they took it to a house in maryland who authenticated the piece which will go up for auction and is expected to get between $75 and $100,000. as for the anonymous finder -- >> i'm living proof you never know what may be in a box. >> reporter: these things never happen to me. that will be up for auction september 29th. you can buy the. the woman said she will take the proceed the of the sale and go on a trip to paris. joce sterman, abc2 news. beautiful blue skies again. nothing but sunshine, similar scenario in towson. our view from loch raven tech academy with the sun staying bright.
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high pressure in control and that's keeping things bright, bright, bright. robert w. coleman, nice day to be out. we'll keep the sun around, tomorrow, not much in the way of change tomorrow but things will begin to change as we go into the weekend. 77 at bwi. humidity 43%. dry air in place. sun sets at 7:19. wind speed and direction, it's from the southwest. you can see the direction there from the southeast rather. southeast breeze, and that is not a particularly cool rose because water temps are well into the 70s and humidity is low, dry across the state. humidity percentages around 33% or less. dew point numbers lower. most spots staying below 80. frederick making 84. 77 bwi. 79 in easton. it's a clear scenario across the
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mid-atlantic states, dry, sunny. high pressure dome is the story. so we're staying clear for now, no question about that. however, we're watching this, our next weather maker, frontal boundary from northern wisconsin back to the center of neb next reaching the four corners. this is our next rain maker. it will move in toward the weekend. it will prevent a significant warmup because some cooler air will hold us and the temperatures have been comfortable. no big warmup, maybe mid-80s. hey, have you learned about the new hurricane hunter, the nasa global hawk. it was intar re dating our tropical depression number 14. then as a result of that information an upgrade on this storm, plus a more impressive satellite photo, an upgrade to tropical storm nadine, nadine could potentially become a
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hurricane. you see some pretty decent center of convection. we predict this to be a hurricane. a recurving system a will likely keep it in the open sea, open atlantic. they want that fairly locally just south of ocean city, maryland. 54 degrees. clear skies and cool. tomorrow we'll say 82 degrees. more sun, a bit warmer, comfortable. tomorrow 9:5 as we cool off late. dry the next two days, gorgeous. chances for showers come in on saturday. as we go saturday into sunday looks like things will dry out some. into early next week another rain maker, so i would say enjoy this dry stretch of warm weather through outthe week and sunday. more rain starting next week. >> we'll have snow in two weeks.
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>> all right. our thes, very important part of our families, right? >> somebody trod to take advantage of that unconditional love. these dogs were being sold online. arming your children with a cell phone. with the recent school shootings, when is the right time? we'll help you have all that discussion over the dinner table when we come back. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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a little over a month away from the susan g. komen race for the cure in hunt valley. it is the biggest fund-raiser with 75% of the money raised here staying here.
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where does the money go? our health director is joining us now. >> thank you. >> so where does the money did? >> the money stays here in maryland. so, locally, we fund a lot of grant programs that focus on screening, diagnostics, getting women into care who don't have insurance and making sure women in care get services like meals, transportation, taking care of the kids. so we do a lot of those direct services but through the grant program. >> really unique programs. we're talking about the one at mercy hospital. >> at mercy medical there's a program called be well, stay healthy, met static women have unique needs but they offer a program for children who are affected by breast cancer. it doesn't have to be the more but someone close to them because kids don't understand cancer and parents don't know
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how to talk to kids. it's a unique program that allows kids to express themselves and figure things out. >> being there over the past several years, it is a motivating event to be there. >> it is aing about year. it's our 20th year doing this in maryland. it's just amazing. if you haven't been there, we do a parade of pink of survivors and over 2,000 women. we normally have a couple of men who are breast cancer survivors to support the cause and supporting their wives and kids and family members, but the money they raise here really stays here. you mentioned 75% that goes to our community grant program. 25% goes to our national research and guess what? it comes back here because we have university of maryland. we have johns hopkins, mercy
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medical center. they're all doing research. okay. thank you so much. we want to remind you about the 20th annual race for the cure. it's in hunt valley, sunday october 21st. mark your calendar. jamie? >> all right, we have three caught on videotapes to show you. the first one a fiery motorcyclele accident. it's crashing into a iewlt pole -- you -- utility pole. then the motorcyclele bursts into flames. we have a high speed chase with the car spinning out of control into the median. police say the three suspects plearized two home -- burglarized two homes and led
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police on a chase. after a brief foot chase, two men and one juvenile were taken into custody. take a look at this where a school bus driver took justice in his hands -- are you kidding me? he grabbed the cell phone, took the video of this woman. she drives up on the sidewalk to get around. guess what, the bus stops here handicapped child.up a the woman does this every day. police pulled her over and cited her for not stopping for the bus. police and the humane society raided a disturbing puppy mill. they discovered multiple dogs crammed into cages. the human society director said she also found a huge pile of
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bones. the own are has been taken into custody, ill treatment of our dogs. they text, facebook and tweet. >> does your child really need a cell phone? when is the right time to make sure the children can be connected. >> are you in? are you ready for the iphone 5. a look at the features. >> and how your next drink purchase at 7 eleven could predict the next winner of the presidential election. there are changes on the horizon. we'll tell you exactly what those are. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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